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Facility Inspection or Annexation Request : New


For VGS New Facility Request: Facility must be within the boundary of the continental United States of America.

For VSG Annexation Request: Facility must be located within 10 miles of the boundary of the continental United States of America and within 25 surface miles of an existing limited access highway.


The following criteria must be met for consideration for facility approval:


  1. At least a golf course available for league play. ALL APPROVED GOLF COURSES MUST BE READY AT APPLICATION TO BE PLAYED ON.
  2. Public restroom facilities must be accessible year round and available during all VGS  matches. They must be located no more than 300 feet walking distance from the golf course surface.
  3. Facility must be completed and ready for inspection before submitting application.
  4. Facility must be visited by an VGS Executive Committee member.
  5. The addition of golf courses at a later date will require another inspection.


If your facility meets the above criteria, then please fill out the application below.

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