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Junior Golf League Challenge Ladder General Information and Calendar (see below)

The VGS Junior Golf Challenge Ladder is a special golf program to promote singles competition for the serious junior player. The Challenge Ladder runs for one continuous session of fourteen weeks from the end of August until the beginning of December.  The exact dates of the Ladder are set each year and published on the VGS calendar.

To join the ladder, a player must be between the ages of 10 and 18 and must have completed at least two USGA sanctioned Jr. Tournaments either for ranked or unranked players.

Each ladder (boys and girls) is arranged according to ability, age and previous commitment to the ladder.  There is room for 100 boys and 100 girls on each city or state ladder. Many of the players may not be  ranked in their State but wants to play competitive golf and later could be ranked in their VGS golf division Section, and hold National rankings..

After placement on the ladder, a player needs to contact the Ladder Vice President to give their correct contact information. Once the season begins, a player is able to contact their Ladder Manager to challenge a player above him/her to a match. The match play involves players traveling to another player’s home court and therefore requires a commitment on the part of the parents as well.

The Ladder fee is $15 in addition to $10 renewal or purchase one to a Junior VGS membership for the year.. The ladder member is eligible to win t-shirts, sweatshirts, towels, and a bag tag as well as other prizes. Ladder members who compete in the entire session of the program and play a minimum of 12 matches are also eligible for VGS’s tournament assistance program (read the rules and procedures). The Challenge ladder also hosts round robins for participants which count as match play. The ladder attracts the city’s best players and VGS is very proud of their commitment to the Junior Challenge Ladder program.

Please read the Rules and Procedures PDF carefully. Special attention must be given to understanding the consequences for not completing matches as scheduled. Each player and parent is responsible for reading and understanding the rules and procedures. This can be found by going to Leagues and Tournaments>Jr. Challenge Ladder>Docs/Forms.


Coming Soon!
Junior Challenge Ladder Vice President
Tel: 770 -xxx-xxxx ext xxx

2017 Autumn Ladder :
Age :
Mon., July 24, 2017
Fri., August 25, 2017
Sun., August 27, 2017
Mon., August 28, 2017
Fri., December 8, 2017
Sun., December 10, 2017
Sun., December 10, 2017
Fri., December 15, 2017
Mon., September 8, 2018
Mon., September 24, 2018
August 28, 2017- December 8, 2017
10 to 18 Year
Registration opens on line
Registration close on line
Member orientation meeting and kick off party –
Ladder begins. Calls or emails to ladder managers may be made from 7 – 9 p.m.
2017 Autumn Challenge Ladder closes.
All Challenge matches must be completed.
2017 Autumn Challenge Ladder Banquet Date
Miscellaneous closing information
Tournament Assistance Application forms for 2017 Autumn Ladder available on line.
Tournament Assistance Application deadline for 2017 Autumn Ladder Tournament assistance checks are sent out for 2017 Autumn Ladder participants by Dec. 5, 2018

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