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Course News

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Golf in USA is more than a sport; it’s a way of life for more than 80,000 golfers. VGS Golfer aims at being the largest city golf league in the world, and VGS Online Stories is the one way to reach all of these people and bring our stories to the public.

As VGS Golfer’s, aim to keep it’s members informed about the leagues, and it’s where they turn to for information on new golf gear, golf gifts, resort getaways, camps and golf instructional tips.

With the average household income increasing, members buy new homes, second homes, automobiles, jewelry as well as golf products. VGS Golfer has become a lifestyle that transcends golf and the social aspect is what makes the organization (and the Online News reader) unique.

VGS Online News will be updated as meaningful content comes in and will feature golf stories, community, kids and social environmental issues. It will be said that VGS Online News will offer the best local golf readership in the world. It will  certainly have interesting articles on the largest local and community golf network.

To reach the Victory Golf Society through advertising in VGS Online News, please email us.

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