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We are looking for people who can grow, think, dream and create. Victory Golf Society has created the opportunity where golfers can apply their highest efforts toward learning and playing sport within an environment that is designed to be fun, challenging, and highly supportive.

Your community is a culture that thrives by embracing diversity and rewarding our youth’s and adults imagination. VGS logo flag stakes a commitment in our communities and seeks achievers, leaders and visionaries.

There’s a coach in all of us. Ambassadors are coaching kids and everyone in their local communities, helping them learn to play golf – and preparing their way to a brighter future.

The role of the Ambassador Committee is to assist in the identification and development of new invitees for the Victory Golf Society Club. The VGS Ambassador Committee works with Club Management, specifically the marketing person, to identify professionals in the area who could benefit from membership in the Club. Additionally, Members of the Ambassador Committee assist with entertaining prospects in the Club, providing additional background information on prospects when available, and in sponsoring prospective Members who are not acquainted with any of the current Members of the Club when needed.


VGS Apply Form Here.

Apply Form


If you are team that needs a player, search below for VGS members who are looking for teams. Use the filters to limit your search to a specific league, gender, or area. Click Contact to securely email a potential new player for more info.


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If you are player looking for a team, scroll to the bottom and click New to create a new posting for teams .

Metro AreaZipCity or Area
GenderDesired YearDesired SeasonDesired LeagueDesired LevelDesired Age GroupDesired City/AreaDesired Metro AreaDesired Zip CodePrevious LeaguePrevious LevePrevious Age GroupPrevious USTA LevelPrevious USTA Age Group
ContactM2017FallJunior Boys10 & UnderGwinnett County
ContactM2017FallJunior BoysC-810 & UnderForsyth County
ContactM2017FallJunior Boys12 & UnderSuwaneeForsyth County30024Junior Boys
ContactM2017FallJunior Boys14 & UnderGwinnett CountyJunior BoysC-414 & Under
ContactM2017FallJunior Boys18 & UnderRoswell/Milton/AlpharettaN Fulton County30004
ContactF2017FallJunior GirlsB-410 & UnderForsyth CountyJunior GirlsC-314 & Under
ContactF2017FallJunior GirlsC-114 & UnderMilton/Alpharetta/RoswellN Fulton County
ContactF2017FallJunior GirlsC-814 & UnderE Cobb County30075
ContactF2017FallJunior Girls18 & UnderNorth Metro Area, State ranked, age 17N Fulton County30022Junior GirlsAA-418 & Under5.5
ContactF2017FallJunior Girls18 & UnderRoswell/AlpharettaN Fulton County30076Junior GirlsB-918 & Under
ContactF2017FallJunior GirlsC-818 & Underroswell/ alpharettaN Fulton County30075

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