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About Us
The Virtual Golf Society is a Membership Based Golfing Society - Golfing Fore a Better World
  1. We have devised a coding system that reflects our members' skill levels. This, along with the demographic and occupational information you choose to share, will be displayed on membership profile pages. VGS members will be able to search these profiles entering queries based on the above. This will make it simple for users to coordinate golf dates-for business or pleasure. Members can also use the directory to recruit players for private tournaments.

  2. The VGS social site will enable VGS members to communicate with each other. With our video and blogging tools, members can exchange ideas and expertise with ease. Our features and articles will not be restricted to golf, but will reflect the various interests of our members.

  3. The VGS browser will provide an abundance of user content. You can access newspapers from across the country and around the world translated into English and other major languages. Select television channels from around the world can be viewed. The Media Directory will have various golf and conventional news sites conveniently arranged to provide our viewers with the information they desire.
We look forward to embarking on this exciting quest with our members and will always be looking for way to enrich their lives.

The Virtual Golf Society. "Golfing Fore a Better World"
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