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At VGSgolfers we encourage community and business networking. Our objective is to set high standards for playing conditions and etiquette for members and visitors alike. Members and their guests must observe their behavior at all times.
Q. Can a member solicit their business or enhance their contacts while playing golf with other members
A. Yes, if there is a mutual agreement between your playing partner...VGSgolfers encourage community and business networking.

Q. How much does it cost to join VGSgolfers?
A. Free Membership - No Membership Card

Q. Can, I choose other golfers to play with?
A. Yes, in any state.

Q. What is the VGSgolfers Color System?
A. The Virtual Golf Society has introduced a unique way to identify a member skills level or (handicap) : see VGS Golf Colors Read More

Q. Does The Virtual Golf Society offer Event Planning services for my organization or business?
A. Yes, we will be glad to talk with you about your upcoming event.

Q. Will VGS have golf tournaments in my area?
A. Yes, it depends on the members in that area

Q. Can I invite a member to play from another (handicap) color level?
A. Yes, if they agree - always keeping in mind the pace of play and your playing abilities

Q. If a golfer performance improves or declines can they obtain a different color level rating?
A. Yes, after 4 months, simply send a request to email support@vgsgolfers.com

Q. Can my VGSgolfer Membership be revoked?
A. Yes, The Virtual Golf Society is an Exclusive Membership Society. Your Membership can be revoked for unethical and continuous habits, that warrants your removal from The Virtual Golf Society, by our Ethics Committee.

Q. Will VGSgolfers offer other services in the future
A. Yes, we will provide our members with more benefits as we continue to grow.

See a mistake or still have unanswered questions? Please contact us at FAQFeedback@vgsgolfers.com
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